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Storms of Hope

Today I worked on more editing for the Journal story. I'm keeping all the plot the same, I'm adding some more story here and there. I'm also doing some massive rewrites to it. I'll be re-posting the first five chapters, as well as all the character profiles. I've also finished at least in my head the background plot/history of the world it takes place in which I will be posting. I'm hopping to have a big kick off to starting this project again. I'm going attempt to do the project more justice. I want to give myself a month per chapter, so it can have the editing it deserves. I expect it to be about 15-20 chapters. Then I'm going to do one more final edit. After that I have some ideas but I'll hold on to them till later.

If you don't know about the "Journal Story" or "Storms of Hope" as it is tentatively called, then this will give you a little background on it. Almost two years ago I started a project in which I wanted to explore the idea of collective writing. I wanted to have my friends experience what it was like to create a story. So I walked about 15 people through the process of writing. How I did this was I had them, via polls, create everything, the characters names, all their characteristics. The world, the major changing events in that world. What type of story we would be telling. Everything was voted on. When we were done we have several every distinct characters and a interesting world. I wrote the first chapter and then left it with a cliffhanger, then asked what should happen next. They voted and I wrote. This went on for a little while, but I lost time and the ability to focus on the project.

I'm still in love with the idea and am finally in place mentally where I can move forward with it once again. So this spring get ready the storms are just over the hills.