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tleaving in jdeeds

need to blog more.

One of the worst parts about writing, at least for me, is editing. It is one of the most important aspects of writing, if you want to be read by more then just friends and family. Yet I find every time I go through a story and have to edit it I keep thinking how horrible the story is and that maybe I should just put the pen down forever. I shall not let that happen this time. I finished the first edit of the the first story for Confessions of the Dead last night. Now I just have to push through harder and get the rest edited and finished.

I was thinking this morning about story telling. I'm not one of those writers that is so in love with writing itself, I'm in love with story telling. There are so many different forms of story telling; Written, Spoken, Danced, Painted etc etc. My craft is not perfect by any means, and although I'm trying to learn more and more how to be better at my chosen form of story telling, I'm not in love with words as some writers are. I'm in love with the struggle of the story, the passion, the pain, the love, and of course the desperation. There are always those in the field who will know more about it, other writers, older stories, and who wrote what when and what publishing house they used. Me I'm in love with how the human emotions are spilled upon the page, or screen, canvas or stage.

Maybe someday my lack of direct focus will benefit me.

This week is all about editing and trying to get a manuscript finished. I want to have something for ktangel13 to read in the new house. Then I have to send it out to my readers to see which stories I'm keeping and which I'm filing away. Finally to my real "Editor." And Print!
love to all, don't let your dreams slip away.