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Jul. 15th, 2008



Confessions of the Dead

Confessions of the Dead Stories as of 7-15-08

Only one Night (Ben's story)

The Life and Death of Henry Parker's Shadow


Empty / South

The Other Writer

Lighting Bugs

In Search Of


The Fog's Kiss

Hawaiian Shirt

Last Call


White Robe

In Case of Excellence



Of these 16 stories I need to pick about 10 for the collection. I'm starting to see a common theme in about 7 or 8 of them. I darkened the ones I'm sure of will make their way in.


need to blog more.

One of the worst parts about writing, at least for me, is editing. It is one of the most important aspects of writing, if you want to be read by more then just friends and family. Yet I find every time I go through a story and have to edit it I keep thinking how horrible the story is and that maybe I should just put the pen down forever. I shall not let that happen this time. I finished the first edit of the the first story for Confessions of the Dead last night. Now I just have to push through harder and get the rest edited and finished.

I was thinking this morning about story telling. I'm not one of those writers that is so in love with writing itself, I'm in love with story telling. There are so many different forms of story telling; Written, Spoken, Danced, Painted etc etc. My craft is not perfect by any means, and although I'm trying to learn more and more how to be better at my chosen form of story telling, I'm not in love with words as some writers are. I'm in love with the struggle of the story, the passion, the pain, the love, and of course the desperation. There are always those in the field who will know more about it, other writers, older stories, and who wrote what when and what publishing house they used. Me I'm in love with how the human emotions are spilled upon the page, or screen, canvas or stage.

Maybe someday my lack of direct focus will benefit me.

This week is all about editing and trying to get a manuscript finished. I want to have something for ktangel13 to read in the new house. Then I have to send it out to my readers to see which stories I'm keeping and which I'm filing away. Finally to my real "Editor." And Print!
love to all, don't let your dreams slip away.

May. 13th, 2008



Note to self

"So think all you like, but don't mistake the thinking for writing" - Neil Gaimen

Mar. 5th, 2008

looking out


Children of the Dragon

OH Crap my mind is racing again. Yet again while is a mild state of awakness my mind came up with another story and another world to dance around in. This story starts with a letter from a monk to the pope in 1811. It will take place in the real world but of course the subject matter will be fantasy. The working title is "Children of the Dragon." I'm not going to into to much more just yet. Gowd I just need time to write all these stories.....

Feb. 27th, 2008

looking out



The firey sword clanked across the marble floors.

            “What do you mean you lost him? How does one lose a GOD?” His wings flapped with frustration at the incompetence. “He could be anywhere on any plane by now, And you…“ His finger stabbed at my chest. “you are going to find him, or I’ll rip all six of your wings off your back and throw you to the mortal realm myself.”   

Feb. 22nd, 2008

looking out


Storms of Hope

Today I worked on more editing for the Journal story. I'm keeping all the plot the same, I'm adding some more story here and there. I'm also doing some massive rewrites to it. I'll be re-posting the first five chapters, as well as all the character profiles. I've also finished at least in my head the background plot/history of the world it takes place in which I will be posting. I'm hopping to have a big kick off to starting this project again. I'm going attempt to do the project more justice. I want to give myself a month per chapter, so it can have the editing it deserves. I expect it to be about 15-20 chapters. Then I'm going to do one more final edit. After that I have some ideas but I'll hold on to them till later.

If you don't know about the "Journal Story" or "Storms of Hope" as it is tentatively called, then this will give you a little background on it. Almost two years ago I started a project in which I wanted to explore the idea of collective writing. I wanted to have my friends experience what it was like to create a story. So I walked about 15 people through the process of writing. How I did this was I had them, via polls, create everything, the characters names, all their characteristics. The world, the major changing events in that world. What type of story we would be telling. Everything was voted on. When we were done we have several every distinct characters and a interesting world. I wrote the first chapter and then left it with a cliffhanger, then asked what should happen next. They voted and I wrote. This went on for a little while, but I lost time and the ability to focus on the project.

I'm still in love with the idea and am finally in place mentally where I can move forward with it once again. So this spring get ready the storms are just over the hills.

Feb. 4th, 2008

looking out



So here are some of my goals.

-Write either 20 pages a week or one chapter. (so far I'm about 32 pages in two weeks. But a lot of the time was spent reworking the plot)

-Edit short stories for a possible collection to put out.

-Find fellow writers who would want to put out a Colaberative of short stories.

-Get web site up and running

-Start working on Choose your Own Adventure style stories.

-Convince Justin to do art work for me.

Jan. 24th, 2008

looking out


Writing news

Most of you read my regular journal too so I'll leave out what you may have already read.

So here is the plan of attack.

1. Edit the shit out of my short stories until I feel I have a good 7 or 8 that I'm happy with.

2. Get the Journal stories up and running. Yes I said stories I'm finally ready to work on both the first and second on, once the website is up.

3. Start creating some marketing ideas.

4. Road trip to Portland OR to talk to my future PA about marketing ideas. (makes the trip a write off on taxes) ;P

5. Start attempting to sell my writing Via Lulu and Kindle.

6. Somewhere during all of that work on novels.

Jan. 16th, 2008

looking out



1. I didn't realize that some of you are watching this community but didn't join. I have made membership open so that anyone can join. But do join cause if you don't you can't see any of the locked posts. I'm going to leave it unlocked for the time being.

2. In case I failed to mention it somewhere I do now own www.JasonDeeds.com and will be building my website there over the next couple months. I'm hoping to have it up and running at least to some degree shortly, even if it is just a main page.

3. I'm moving forward with several new marketing ideas that I will be talking, I'm sure much to much about in the near future.

4. The new story idea blew a hole through my head and is leaking pages onto the screen faster then I have with any other piece. Which is good and bad. Good cause I think the story idea is wonderful, bad because I have sooooo much to edit.

In other news I have finalized my selections for my two reading groups. One will be more of a general reading group that I'm willing to take any feed back from this number right now is 9 but may grow. The other group is 5 people who will be reading nearly ever version of each story and going through it from theme, to broad ideas down to word choice and sentence structure. I'll be sending more info to those people I have selected shortly. Don't worry this does not mean I wont be posting some stories here. I know many people want to read and that is wonderful but I really need people who can and are willing to take the time to bleed on a page in the group.

I once asked my aunt, who writes cookbooks, if I could be one of her test chefs. She looked and me and smiled and said "no." at first I was pissed, until she really explained what all it took to be a test chef. It wasn't just making the meal, it was adding and trying different variations taking notes etc etc. She knew I didn't have time for this. Being a reader for a writer is much the same as being a test chef.

From the newest project...currently titled Mind and BodyCollapse )

Jan. 14th, 2008

looking out


New Story Idea

I was driving to work this morning spending those 45 mins just thinking and letting my mind wonder while I drive. While doing so a new story was birthed. I really want to get some time to work on it tonight and outline some ideas. The strange part is that it is very much a SciFi piece which very different for me. I normally stick to Fantasy pieces, but this one I really have emotional attachment to. So we shall see. I hope to get an hour or two to work on it tonight.

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